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Monday, 24 October 2011

Easy A

Easy A

Easy A starring the stunning Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes and a cameo from Lisa Kudrow is a well made emotive thinking film which emotionally involves its audience.

Whilst it is advertised as a comedy it is more a witty romantic drama about a late teen at high school ruining her reputation through a series of lies to help people out. However whilst the odd chuckle and being whitty it is only mildly humerous and more focused on the storyline and eventual teen romance aspect.

However if your a guy dont dismiss this as a boring chick flick as I myself am a 16 year old guy and I was entertained by this film and felt attached to the main character olive (emma stone) due to the what I view as a great script storyline and cast. Also this isn't one of those soppy girly films but more a film aimed at girls but also enjoyable for guys if not just for the fact it has the beautiful Emma Stone who is one of my favourite actresses. Also it is an imaginable situation at an american high school and theres just something about this well made film that appeals to both genders.

Overall I enjoyed this film and thought Emma Stone put in yet another brilliant performance whilst more praise must be reserved for the writer and director who have made this a particuarly good film. Therefore i rate this at 7/10 for us guys but for girls think it would be a closer to a 9/10 rating. More for girls than guys but still really enjoyable for either gender definitely worth a watch!

Please post feedback on what you think of this review thanks guys! :)

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