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Monday, 24 October 2011



Whilst a remarkably unknown cast star in this film the big name of Mel Gibson as director and writer of the film immediatly gives this action adventure film a large appeal. Also a strong lead performance from Rudy Youngblood (Jaguar Paw) further bolsters the standard of the film.

This film is based on the historical rise and fall of the mayans. This area is widely untouched by fellow films with not any well known films reaching the box office about the mayans giving it a further edge about it as it enters what is in someways new territory for the film industry.

Apocalypto starts in an amusing yet strange manner yet immedietly intrigued me as a viewer as during the next 2hours and a bit not once did I drop into boredom in anyway like in many films this long. This is a major success for the film as it keeps the readers attention in this fast paced adventure.

However this film isn't just pure action no storyline the film is highly emotive and whilst extremely gory most of this is used to effect and attaches the viewer to characters well. Meanwhilst the majority of these special effects are very good especially for a film from 2007 giving the film a very well finshed feel despite a very odd underwater birth scene towards the end of the film which slightly ruined the credibility of the special effect.

The reason this film is such a success for me as whilst at times it can become farfetched to say the least it stay just about realistic whilst also keeping a fast pace and the viewers intrest with enough twists and turns to keep you thinking.

Also unlike many films it brings itself to a believable and well thought out finish.

However this film is remarkably violent and gory from the start and some scenes may be upsetting to some viewers with massacres of tribes involving women and children so if you don't like blood and gore dont watch this!

But whilst this is the case the blood and guts widely isn't needless and is used at times in an emotive manner so don't think it is a pointless blood bath as it is not.

Overall this was a fast paced action adventure with an unknown cast who performed remarkably well in their roles under Mel Gibson whilst gruesome and at times far fetched the film is thoroughly entertaining and worth viewing from me its a 8/10 if u enjoy action adventures widely you should enjoy this.

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