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Sunday, 23 October 2011



Contagion has an undeniably strong cast with Gwyneth Paltrow, Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Laurence Fishbourne, Jude Law and even a sneaky even if just a cameo appearance the dad from malcolm in the middle (highlight of the film for me). These actors all fill their positions adequately although i couldn't really take Bryan Cranston (malcolms dad) or the tosh on Laurence Fishbourne seriously throughout the film.

However despite these great hollywood to listers in the film who don't get me wrong perform well in this film to just werent enough to really get this film going on as it staggered on at 1st being intriuging as the very well thought storyline gradually progressed. However this film never really comes to the boil as it staggers on.

However whilst this film didn't really excite me as a viewer it did just about enough with the story to keep me intrigued to the end without me thinking I want to go home to often.
The major fault for me in this film is that it has taken itself very seriously in what could be compared to a documentary for some. Whilst this can be a pro to some viewers dont make the same mistake as me thinking its a tense thriller as that it is not but more an intresting but slow factual film based on a possible scenario of a severe flu epidemic on this planet.

Whilst I slate it for this if you enjoy that style of film it is close to perfect whilst slow it is well thought out and ends well summing up the entire film.

My rating is 6/10 for contagion whilst I was dissapointed with the film there was nothing dramatically wrong with it with a strong cast and storyline just to slow for what I perceive as many of us and far to serious if you like something serious and enjoy documentaries or biology I suggest its worth seeing but if your looking for a thriller or excitement I warn you now stay away!

Finally feel free to send feedback on what is my 1st entry to this blog hope you enjoy and find this useful! :)

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However despite these great hollywood A listers in the film who don't get me wrong perform well in this

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  1. Dont know why bit in middle is darker than rest sorry about that just to say that not on purpose!